Prayer, Events and Accompaniment: Vocations Promotion in the Diocese of Raleigh

After asking for and receiving input from many of my brother priests, I would like to begin by thanking each of you for sharing your thoughts on promoting vocations. Your thoughts, along with my own experience and thoughts on promoting vocations, have helped me to focus my efforts in promoting vocations on three areas: Prayer, Events, and Accompaniment.  

I think prayer is the most important element. God has always called people to particular vocations, and He will always call people; even if it seems like there are few people responding to His call. When we focus on praying for an increase in vocations, I think that we are reminding ourselves, and the People of God, that the invitation to a particular vocation comes from God. Praying for vocations can also help people to remember that our prayer is not only for an increase in vocations, but also for the young men and women, who hear the invitation from God, to have the courage to respond generously to God’s invitation.  

While I think prayer is the most important element, I think that we should also have vocations’ events. These events can help to foster discernment and listening to the invitation from God to a particular vocation. Additionally, these events will help connect the young men and women, who are discerning, with other people that are actively discerning a vocation. I think this connection can help remove any feeling of isolation or uniqueness from the discernment process and, thus, make it easier for people to respond to the invitation to discern a vocation.  

Lastly, I think that we need to focus on accompaniment. As young men and women start to consider the invitation from God, it is necessary to accompany them through the process. Their discernment is not an individual reality. They need people in their lives that can help them understand the promptings of the Holy Spirit and how they should respond to these promptings. This accompaniment will also help them to know where they should begin to look and how they can begin to communicate with various religious communities or seminaries.  

When it comes to implementing these areas of promoting vocations within the parishes and ministries of our Diocese, I think it is important to remember that there is no perfect program or event. It is better to be personal and creative with our implementation. I recommend that you start with one specific event that you, and the members of your leadership team, think could draw the people of your ministry. Eventually that event can be tailored to fit the reality of your ministry and the People of God in the ministry, especially those that are discerning a vocation.  

If you are struggling to find ways to promote vocations in your ministry, please contact me. I would love to help you brainstorm ideas for promoting vocations and discernment of vocations within your ministry.  

God Bless,  


Very Reverend Michael Schuetz JCL, VF
Promoter of Vocations 984-900-3105

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